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Would your teen or young adult enjoy a few weeks living and working (not too hard) on our farm? 

Are you looking for an adventure for your teenager or young adult during their school holidays or gap year?


Would they enjoy spending time with and caring for animals, learning about sustainable living, hospitality, cooking and veggie gardening  while having plenty of beach days, hikes, local sight seeing and being part of a big family ?

Would you feel much more comfortable knowing your son or daughter was staying in a safe, country setting, in a family environment, with a mom on duty that you could contact at anytime?  No big groups, max 2 kids at a time.  (They could visit with their best friend or sibling.)

Our weekly rate is fully inclusive.  All 3 meals, plenty of sight-seeing and time out in nature, good wifi in the evenings (so that they don't suffer harsh withdrawal) and lots of learning and hands on experience.

Airport transfers can also be arranged.

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