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I'm so glad you found us!

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Since I was a child I dreamed of living in the country, surrounded by animals and raising a family in tune with natures rhythm's.  Life certainly threw a few curve balls, but my 5 kids and I found our way to this piece of earth and began trying to piece together a life here.  

We were very lucky to be joined by Chisomo, who is more family than staff member. He has proven to be invaluable in keeping all the wheels turning and all the visiting children happy.


Amàre is the latin word for love and sums up our vision for the farm.


Amàre is not a farm in the commercial sense, it is a growing, learning, evolving, homestead.  Both our home and Fountainbush Cottage are powered entirely by solar energy.  We are growing veggies and fruit, planting trees, tending worm farms, loving our animals and generally just managing this beautiful piece of earth with all the care and gentleness we can muster.

We are very passionate about this place and would love to share our farm with you and your children!


                                             ~ Sally

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