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Plant a family tree

We are passionate about tree planting and firmly believe that the world needs as many tree's as possible.   While it may not be viable to plant a tree at your home, for every stay booked at Amare, we will plant a tree.  If you would like to plant more than one, please let me know and I will be thrilled to arrange it for you.


We would love you to plant it with your family (we can prepare the hole in advance), get your kids to decorate a rock (rocks and paint are provided) and viola!  The family tree!  You could come back in a year to visit your tree and see how much it has grown. 

If that is not up your alley, we can happily plant it for you, or give you some peace while we plant it with your children.  

Either way, you get to contribute to a little greening of the planet when you stay with us.

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